Friday, August 18, 2006


Break time again, after 23 days work in a row (not all for Oaky Creek, though). The nearest regional centre to Tieri is Rockhampton, better known locally as Rocky. It's not quite coastal, about half an hour from the seaside town of Yeppoon. But it's a third the size of Christchurch, with a large river, heaps of old buildings and lots of nearby attractions.

I'm staying in the Criterion, a nicely restored 1880's riverside hotel, for $50/night. Remarkable for a room with TV (yay), toilet, shower and double bed (no more short, narrow company beds for a few days). And the bar downstairs has Guiness. Yesterday I visited the Capricorn limestone caves, Yeppoon and the other coastal towns, and had my first proper curry in months - a restaurant called Sitara. Happiness!

Tomorrow it's north to Mackay to meet one of my colleagues, drop off the trusty Ford Courier, and ride back to Tieri. But Rocky and Yeppoon are very scenic, and I haven't made it to Great Keppel Island yet, so I'll be baaaack.


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