Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sydney and the Hunter Valley

In early May I flew down to Sydney to visit my friend Katie again. We spent the weekend in the Hunter Valley with an old geologist mate Volker and his wife and young son. The Hunter's a beautiful area to work and live in - nice one Volker! - and the wine's not bad either. Katie wanted to see what a mine looked like. It looked far better in her watercolours than in real life. A pity I can't draw.

After a quick weekend away it was back to Sydney to play tourist for a few days. I went to the Sydney Harbour Bridge museum in one of the pylons, wandered the streets, toured the Maritime Museum and went on a frigate, submarine and replica of the Endeavour.

Next time I want to get out to the Blue Mountains for a few days. Cities have heaps of photographic opportunities, but I love landscapes!


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