Friday, August 06, 2010


The GT6 finally has a rolling chassis, and I had fun this morning pushing it around in the sun for photos.

The 'tail' is the breather hose for the diff, which will connect to an overflow reservoir under the boot boards. Looks kinds cute though :-)

One tweak fitted last night is a pair of Canley Classics' top wishbones, to try and pull the tops of the wheels in and reduce the need for flaring the front arches (we'll see how much difference they make). The wishbones' welding looks neat, they're well powdercoated, and the ball joints are able to accommodate the full range of suspension travel. Hopefully the certifier will like them too... The front camber has been set to 1.5 degrees negative at a target ride height of 115mm clearance under the front chassis rail, the same as my Herald.

The body will be refitted tonight. Should be easier than a Herald, as it doesn't have a separate bulkhead to align.


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