Sunday, March 25, 2012

The GT6 comes home

Today was the day I'd been impatiently waiting for for over a year. My GT6 came home - painted and ready for reassembly.

Joe finished painting it a few weeks ago, but the movers were booked until this weekend. Why use movers? Well, I'd shifted south since the car went to the painters, and to hook up a car trailer and drive north to retrieve it would have been over 1900km. Plus, the movers use a covered truck, whereas a car on a car trailer is vulnerable to stones thrown up by the towing vehicle and everything else on the road.

Inside a furniture truck - the best way to move a car. No stone chips, no exhaust fumes.

Furniture trucks don't have winches, so a tilt tray was used to unload it and bring it the last few km home.

My driveway is pretty steep, so I have a winch bolted to the floor at the back of the garage. Not sure what the Herald thinks about all this...

 Dynamat has been applied to the entire floor and bulkhead to reduce cabin heat and noise.

Because every detachable part has been stripped, painted or restored while the body was away, it shouldn't take long before it starts looking like a complete car. Dynamat has been laid under the carpet and on the bulkhead to reduce noise and heat. GT6s have a reputation for cooking their passengers, and I want mine to stay cool!


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