Sunday, November 05, 2006

But Twice

After an eventful couple of weeks I'm working back where I started, in Moranbah, after our contract with Oaky Creek was cancelled. It's sad, as I really enjoyed the variety of work we were doing, and the people. Aldo, Brendan, Carey, Jayne, Lindon, Patrick and all the other geologists, contractors and drillers at Oaky, thanks, you made a good job great, and hopefully we'll work together again down the line. It's a small world out here.

Before the move north, I spent a break with Jayne and her family in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Jayne invited me to a Jazz in the Vines wine and music festival, and both were excellent. The bands played a lot of swing-style tunes, great to dance to, or just sit back and crack open another cold Sav Blanc. Pass the Pesto please!

Newcastle was the destination of a very wet field trip after a TSOP conference two years ago, so I'd been there before, and walked along the breakwater in the watery dawn. Needless to say, in glorious golden sunlight it looked much better! I've already thanked Jayne and her family for taking in a stray for the best part of a week, and showing me around Newcastle and Nelson Bay. And for a birthday dinner - how did that ever get out, Jayne?

Pictured are the marquee at Tyrrell's Vineyard, Jayne and her scary hat, and Prince the cockatiel.


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