Friday, March 14, 2008

Back in the bush

Yep, after two months waiting for the ground to dry out, we're back and drilling. I went out one night with a Hanson Bailey environmental team, and we found these critters in about an hour. I never would have though that we had crabs hibernating below what are, most of the year, dry sandy creek beds. But after a properly wet rainy season, out they come.

Along with frogs, fish, dragonfly larvae, butterflies... it's good to be back in the bush again.

Building up steam

Don't get me wrong, Brisbane's a great city, but it just doesn't make me want to go out with the camera.

Except on Steam Train Sunday, when this old timer ran through the city. And yes, it even ran on coal!

Cometh the flood

They call it a wet season for a reason. Our field area received almost 500mm over January and February. This photo was taken in February shortly before a downpour which put us back another month. So, two months in Brisbane!