Saturday, July 05, 2008

Looking back, looking forward

A few days into the current hitch, I've had time to reflect on the drive up, and how the car ran. In short, very well, but it could use some fiddling and fettling.

There are several things which could use attention. I've already replaced the very worn ignition switch. I've ordered a capillary water temperature gauge from Mini Spares to replace the 'C-N-H' electrical one, and see how efficient the cooling system is. The radiator has a single cooling fan mounted loosely behind, and I'll fit a second fan beside it and duct them so all the air they pull comes through the radiator. Mini Spares also sell braided oil pressure gauge hoses, a good idea as the standard plastic ones can wear through or break, running the engine out of oil. Replacing the temperature gauge means the original is redundant, so I'll find a 4" tachometer and a new fuel gauge. Much more sporty than standard Herald fare.

Lastly, the Herald could use a tune-up. The problem is lack of mid-range torque and response - open the throttle, the carburettors hiss, but the pick-up is missing. In Christchurch it always went to a garage who knew SUs, but out here I'll have to figure out for myself how to do it. I'll get a wide-band air-fuel meter, carb balancer and an adjustable timing light.

Just being able to go out and sit in Gerald the Herald has brought back memories of where we've been. Looking through the sunroof as we drove through a tunnel of beech trees in the Lewis Pass. Driving onto the ferry to go to the North Island. Turning the corner at the Hermitage at Mt Cook, and gazing at glaciers of green ice hanging off the Southern Alps. Later on the same trip, winding through the Maniototo Valley with warm feet and frozen head (sunroof open as always). I wonder where we'll go in the next sixteen years?

North of Oamaru, after the Dunedin Street Races in 2005

At Mount John Observatory, above Lake Tekapo

Porter's Pass, Southern Alps. The sunroof was closed that day!


Blogger Graham Reeks said...

Hi Nick - glad to see that you (and Gerald) made it! Great write up and superb photos. I know some of the places you mention from my time in Qld, too, so it makes it even more enjoyable.

6:50 pm  

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