Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Light and shiny

One lesson learnt while rebuilding the GT6 is that it's far easier to restore a car to standard specification than modify it. The parts fitted at the factory are guaranteed to fit - for instance, a pair of front suspension turrets which had been powder-coated years ago and never used didn't fit as well as the originals. I tried to make up new steel brake lines, but found that flaring and forming new pipe isn't as easy as you'd think. In the end, after careful cleaning and checking for cracks, the originals went back on.

However, there are a few areas I'm determined to change. The engine will be rebuilt to a higher state of tune than the original US-spec (78hp), so the gearbox, diff and rear axle will be upgraded to improve durability. The new diff is a Subaru 3.7:1 LSD, and the rotoflex couplings have been replaced with a CV conversion made by Nick Jones. The right hand side's been assembled, and only needs an adapter between the inner CV and the Subaru diff.

A few other non-original bits thrown into the mix are a lightweight alloy water pump housing and engine backplate. I still have some reservations about whether the engine plate will be strong enough to prevent the engine and gearbox flexing, but it's well machined and seems solid, so time will tell. The water pump housing's beautifully made, amazingly light and only a little bling :-)

A few other parts trawled from eBay and purveyors of parts Triumphant are a pair of NOS door handles - the original are pitted and 'orrible - and replacement running lights. These were only fitted to US-spec cars, and while I'm in two minds as to whether they suit the lines of a GT6, they are part of the car's history and identity, so will stay. Just like the US-spec dashboard layout and brass dash plaque.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the US-spec sidemarkers:

Originals had wedge-shaped rubber bodies, and most replacements have since had a flat-across profile. I believe someone once said the flat-across ones were used on the Stag.

There have been some new-issue wedge-shaped GT6 sidemarker rubbers on ebay US going for about $90 for the set of 4.

FYI, depending on how far you wish to go with the OEM ideas.

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