Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bouncing back

After a break in drilling, I'm back in the field. The best bit about this, apart from getting some nice tropical sun again, is being able to play with the Triumphs I'd left wrapped up in Moranbah.

The first job was re-installing the Herald's repaired fuel tank. I painted it in POR-15 before sliding it back into the wing, as the repairer's paint was matt black. Not having a large drain-bung underneath made it much easier to maneouver into place. The new tap was then screwed in, and the sender refitted with a rubber-cork gasket and Loctite sealant. After 3 months it started immediately - I love being able to prime the fuel pump - so we went for a blast to clear the cobwebs. I also got a lung-full of smoke at one point where the council were burning off the roadside grass in advance of the fire season. Still, smoke was better than the last trip in the Herald, with an oil can as a fuel tank and car full of fuel vapour.

The GT6's underside is nearly all stripped and repainted in POR-15. The rusted sections won't get replaced until my welder gets up here - it's still 800km away in Brisbane - but they're easy to access, so won't stop me remounting the body on the chassis. I stripped down the old front coil-overs today - both the springs and shockies are getting replaced, but I needed the top spring hangers to send away for sandblasting. US-spec cars always rode high to comply with headlight height legislation, but someone had tried to lower the nose by clamping the coils together. Maybe it had some effect, but what a bodge! The sides of each shockie were crushed, so how they worked I don't know. These went straight in the bin, the only parts I'm keeping are the top spring hangers.


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