Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Operation Two Triumphs continues.

The GT6's right hand floorpan turned out to be fairly rusty under all the dirt. Apparently California cars do rust. In this case I think the aerial hole in the front scuttle let the water in, and the carpet held it in the front footwell and under the passenger's seat. That'll be the driver's seat when it's revived in RHD form, so I decided to replace the floorpan. It doesn't look too bad in the photo, but the remainder was too thin to weld patches to. One panel, 100 pounds. Postage, about 40. Not having my backside dragging on the road? Priceless!

Not that I've ordered a new panel from Canleys yet, as Customs haven't released my welder. In the meantime I'll get on with restoring a pair of ex-Sprint HS6 carbs and de-rusting the seat frames.

Meanwhile, back in Christchurch the Herald V8's body has been removed for sandblasting, and the certifier has asked that the custom lower wishbones be reinforced. A friend snuck in and snapped a photo of the V8 in its ultimate weight-saving guise. The V8 really does look as though it's supposed to be there, doesn't it?


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