Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bulkhead panels and Megajolt

While the GT6 chassis is getting blasted (must check how that's going), I've been busy converting the shell to right hand drive. The battery box, pedal shelf and brackets are available as rust repair panels, so the old ones were cut out and new ones fitted on the other side. These are still to be welded in place.

I've also cut out the left hand drive dash frame, and will weld in the replacement right hand drive frame when the bulkhead is welded. I'll also have to make a recess in the bulkhead to accomodate the long tandem brake cylinder.

Another little project will be to replace the Delco distributor (curved for the US-spec engine) with Megajolt ignition. A trigger wheel and EDIS-6 kit arrived from the UK last week, and the Megajolt Light Jr version 4 kit landed on the doorstep today. I forsee a lot of delicate soldering in my future. included a couple of boiled sweets in the box, which I thought was a lovely touch. There was also a bag of UK air as packing. I'll release it in the car when finished to ensure absolute authenticity.


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