Thursday, November 06, 2008

West Coast

When Kiwis talk about 'The West Coast' they invariably mean the west coast of the South Island. The North Island has a western coast as well, but it lacks the isolation, beauty and otherworldliness of the West Coast district. About 20,000 'Coasters' live in small towns stretched along about 400km, separated from the rest of the country by the Southern Alps. The Coast is famous for rainfall measured in metres per year, dense rainforest, quirky characters and very good beer. And stunning scenery, which is why it's so popular with tourists and returning Kiwis.

Here are a few shots from late October...

Dawn at Lake Brunner

Some musket shooters at the tiny town of Kopara. Half were 'northerners', the other half 'southerners', hence the Confederate flag. Their powder was dry, and the muskets amazingly accurate.

Another local, a Weka (bush hen). Amazingly bold and curious, tourists often mistake them for Kiwis, which are neither bold nor curious, and hardly ever seen.

Random scenic shots:


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