Friday, February 27, 2009

The GT6 arrives

Last month I bought a GT6 Mk3, sight unseen, through eBay. The problem was that it was three states away in Adelaide. However, one of our contractors regularly moves graders and bulldozers around the country, so I asked him if he'd have room to bring it north. He agreed, so I'll say it here - Ross Yendle, you're a star!

The car arrived today. I knew from phone calls roughly when it would arrive, so a mate and I headed out to the main highway to meet it and follow it into town. We gave him directions via two-way to a local freight depot where we could unload the car - it wasn't on the part of the trailer with ramps.

Unloading was a bit nerve-wracking, despite everyone's claims that they'd done that sort of thing heaps of times. It worked - not a scrape or bend underneath - but I hope we don't need to do it again.

From the freight depot it was a quick tow home, via a petrol station to pump up the almost flat tyres. With only a handbrake to slow down, it was an interesting ride. 30mph feels fast when your bum's so close to the road, and with a host of rattles, vibrations and road noise coming through the floor, it was pretty agricultural.

Tomorrow the car will get its first wash in years, and I'll go over it carefully to work out what's missing, broken, bent and worn out. One thing there's very little of, though - rust.


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