Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trim and fit

Waiting when I returned from the Blue Mountains was a package from Newton Commercial. It contained two new 13/60 door trims, boot carpet, and a red carpet set for the V8.

The door trims are 'Stag Grain', and are frankly better quality than the factory trim. When I repainted the Herald I replaced the manky and warped original panels with some better Shadow Blue trims, repainted black. They were OK, but always on the list of things to replace. The new ones are perfect.

I also replaced the left hand door's window channel. This required finding some (almost) flat steel rivets and attaching the old channel's brackets to the new channel. The hard part was finding steel rivets in an Outback mining town...

At the same time, I bought a new Herald boot carpet and wheel cover. I still need to fit the domes and jack restraining strap, and will need to buy a dome popper tool.

The last part of the package was a Matador Red carpet set for the V8 coupe. One of the first things I bought for the 13/60 when I started restoring it was an early Newton Commercial black moulded carpet set, and they've survived extraordinarily well. Comparing the old and new carpets, it's obvious that Newtons have developed their product over the years. The new carpets are more intricately moulded, and also thinner. Possibly their new press can't accommodate the old 1/2" thick material? I'm sure the new carpets will fit perfectly, but the thinner backing material may not reduce cabin noise as efficiently as the older set.


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