Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tanks Greg

During June's camping trip to the coast with my Herald, it developed a bad fuel leak. The tank had rusted due to years of standing water, probably condensation. After I filled up with ethanol-blend, the new fuel ate through the glossy paint that was sealing the rust holes. The rust I had no idea was there...

No one in the Moranbah - Mackay area repairs fuel tanks, so when I was transferred down to Brisbane last month, I brought the tank to be fixed by Greg Stevens at Fuel Tank and Radiator Services ( It's had its bottom section replaced, and Greg added a new drain tap which will be screwed in after the tank's refitted to the car.

As you can see in the photos, the old base was very rusty. The factory drain plug's boss, by the way, protrudes into the tank, and doesn't allow the tank to be fully drained - any water will remain and continue rusting the tank. Not that the original drain plugs can be undone anyway... The new drain point doesn't protrude, so it should be possible to drain any water with the turn of a tap. It's the way light aircraft tanks are made, and the way Triumph should have done it forty years ago.


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