Monday, July 06, 2009

Dash it

As my GT6 started life as a LHD US car, I had to find some new dash panels as part of the conversion to RHD. It wasn't as simple as ordering a new RHD dash, though, as the US cars' centre dash panel is unique. The solution, therefore, was to mix'n'match dash panels and re-veneer them.

To give the car an Australian flavour, the wood I chose was called 'Tiger Myrtle', actually a southern beech, Nothofagus cuninghamii, from Tasmania. Five coats of satin urethane later, it looks pretty good. I've still got to restore the tachometer and speedo though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wood has a color & grain that looks delicious.

I replaced the temp gauge with the Smith's temp/oil gauge in my Mk3 too, around 1980!

9:55 pm  

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