Monday, April 12, 2010

Cool runnings (hopefully)

The GT6's radiator went back to the repair shop last week to get a bung fitted for an adjustable electric fan thermostat. Some fit into the top or bottom hose, but this version is neater. I also had the shop open up, clean out and resolder the heater matrix. It's much better to spend a bit extra now, rather than find out later that the 38 year old heater is leaking - it's much harder to get to than a Herald's.

Exactly why I'm bothering with a heater I don't know. Northern Queensland winters can be a tad cool in the mornings, but any other time of the year the climate ranges from hot to stinking hot. It's likely I'll end up fitting aircon at some stage, otherwise the car just won't get driven in summer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Exactly why I'm bothering with a heater I don't know."
Because when the thermostat sticks in traffic, you can turn on the heater to help pull the coolant temp down! It's actually an auxilliary radiator.

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