Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Painting has begun

Joe Pace, the painter, has been busy on the GT6. He and his lads have removed the body from the chassis again to prevent overspray getting on the wheels, chassis rails and suspension, and made a subframe to move it around. The body, already stripped and sanded, has been lightly sandblasted to remove any remaining paint. They also blasted the underside of the bonnet, the one area I didn't have time to strip the paint off. Everything's been primed to stop the exposed metal rusting in Mackay's humid, tropical climate.

That's where it's up to at the moment. It'll take a couple of days work to beat out the dents and weld in new panels, before it can be painted. At the moment there are several other jobs in the shop - where it sits in the queue, I don't know.


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