Friday, June 03, 2011

New England and New South Wales

After nearly two months of 7-days-a week work I managed to escape and hit the road for a week. It's winter in Australia right now. Up here in Queensland that means cold nights, but the vegetation doesn't change. Grass and gum trees stay pretty much the same! This time I decided to head south to New South Wales, where the winters are colder and changes in the landscape more dramatic. The different climate made for great scenery but cold camping!

I drove down to Sydney via the inland New England Highway, and back to Brisbane along the coastal road - about 1800km in total. While the coast is dotted with holiday resorts and funky getaways, it was the inland towns and rolling hillscapes I want to see more of. Next time I'd like to do the trip more slowly, maybe in a Triumph, and check out the side roads.

Triumph news: the GT6 is still at the body shop, and I've pulled the carbs off the Herald to fit a heat shield (not that it needs it in winter but...). Photos when it's all back together.


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