Friday, November 12, 2010

Another perspective

A common way of spanning the huge distances of rural Australia is to fly - a trip that could take all day by car can be made in a couple of hours by air. One of my friends used to work on Thursday Island, off the tip of Cape York, and this week, one of his old "TI" mates dropped in for a beer. And as he happened to drop in by Cessna, he offered us a ride the next day, to have a look at our coal project from the air.

Our project, Eagle Downs, lies just east of BMA's huge Peak Downs mine. It takes about twenty minutes to drive past Peak Downs, and from the air it's even bigger.

We buzzed one of our drill rigs - these drill down several hundred metres to produce samples of the coal seams for testing, and make sure they're where they're supposed to be. The driller spotted us, but his offsiders were busy chin-wagging.

Karl gave Dave a lesson in lining up on the runway - it's not as easy as it looks with a cross-wind!


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