Sunday, August 28, 2011

Period accessories

A few years ago I made a dash-top gauge pod for the Herald. I was never very happy with it though, as it didn't sit properly and the vinyl cover didn't fit very well. Recently I found a period Smiths outside temperature gauge on eBay, and while fitting it, I took the opportunity to improve the gauge pod.

As you can see, I have a thing for period Smiths gauges! The only one you can't see here is the Jaeger Spitfire fuel gauge to the right of the tachometer. Can't think of any others it needs... except maybe a fuel pressure gauge, or maybe overdrive oil pressure, or...
This is the capillary bulb for the outside temperature gauge. The gauge is pretty accurate (amazing considering it's spent about forty years on a shelf), as long as the sun's not shining on it. It's right in front of the pod air filter so I have a good idea of the intake temperature.

I should have cleaned the bugs off the licence plate though!

The other thing I fitted this weekend is a Motorola 114 MW/LW radio from about 1970, which has an accessory input for an iPod. The conversion was done by a chap named Colin, who trades on eBay under the pseudonym "stretch289". The restoration and modification have been beautifully done, the sound quality is rich and static-free, and the radio looks almost brand new. The MW (AM radio to you and me) reception is also noise-free, but sadly the only LW stations broadcasting these days are airport beacons.

The cigarette lighter is a dummy, the socket is for accessories like GPS (if I want to go somewhere other than the nearest airfield, that is!)


Blogger CRC said...

Nice set of gauges! there are a few others out there which are quite cool: The "fasten seat belts" one lights up when you switch on the ignition and can be cancelled by a button, an ammeter might be useful. The most unusual one I have seen is the Accelerometer, which is pretty rare!

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