Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Ultimate Bling

Once upon a time, when men were men, cars had real bumpers. None of your pedestrian-friendly, impact absorbing deformable eco-plastic. Nope. They had proper steel bumpers at each end, adorned with lashings of chrome and style. Modern cars, with their wee brushed aluminium highlights and big shiny alloys have less bling than a proper set of chrome bumpers.

The GT6's bumpers had been 'bumped' quite a lot by the time I got her. I know she'd been around the block a few times, but the bumpers looked like she'd run into it as well! But now the bumpers have been straightened, polished and rechromed, and mounted back on the car, and they look as good as new. The plater I used is old school and does the full copper-nickel-chrome process. I painted their insides as well, so they should last well. And while the repairs and chrome weren't cheap, check out the cost of plastic modern bumper panels :-)

Now that's bling!


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