Thursday, January 18, 2007


Headed back to NZ in mid-December to cycle the Otago Central Rail Trail (for the third time). Like last time, we did it just before Christmas, and like last time, the weather was against us. I don't think it ever went over 12 degrees, and the occasional rain and hail showers didn't help. And like last time, the ride ended with a gut-busting haul into the teeth of a Southerly. But we all finished, the scenery was as amazing as ever, and the company superb.

My pet Triumph Herald was retrieved from storage for the Christmas break. After 7 month's inactivity the battery was flat (it never really recovered) and the clutch was stuck, but both problems were quickly overcome, and it covered nearly 500 miles in three weeks. It's back in storage now, and probably won't hit the road again before next summer. A real pity, but it's dry-stored, and if I visit mid-year I'll make sure it gets started and warmed up. Remember, a Triumph is for life, not just for Christmas.

My time was spent catching up with friends and relatives, eating too much and then cycling the Little River Rail Trail (in fine, sunny weather at last!) to work it off. Only problem, the cycle ride ended at a cafe. Oh well, the airlines only weigh baggage and not passengers, so I got back OK!
As for the title, it's hard to pin down where 'home' is these days. New Zealand or Australia? A spare room at my Dad's place or the company house in Moranbah? A mining camp somewhere in the Coalfields? I feel equally at home in New Zealand and Oz, so I guess home's wherever you sleep at the end of the day.

The Rail Trailers' Rest
The Dwarves were always happiest underground

Ida Valley, heading north

Oturehua General Store. They even make coffee.

For some reason, Katie found the seat uncomfortable.

Otago in summer. Global warming my frost-bitten arse!

Why we went - the scenery is stunning no matter the temperature.

Cycling ghosts.

Amberley Beach in the New Year.

Lastly, my Triumph after it emerged from hibernation for the summer break.


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