Friday, June 01, 2007

Mackay's Monster Truck Mayhem

And now, time for something completely different - Monster Trucks. This was the final show at Mackay's 'Motordome', and was advertised in Glenden while we were working at Mt Gotthardt. Something different, so why not?

The photos are a bit grainy as the camera struggled to get enough light.

Anyway, what was there? Four monster trucks, softly sprung, flame-belching V8 monsters jumping over cars - one took on a bus and rolled back onto its roof, to the cheers of the crowd. Motorcross - essentially big jumps with associated leg waving. Two amazing jet-powered van with afterburners, which lit up the sky and, occasionally, parked cars. A demolition derby with no clear winner, and lastly, a fireworks display.

The show was a lot of fun despite a shower in the middle. Yummy hot potatoes, donuts, and two ringing ears. Petrolhead heaven!


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