Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Zealand - friends, family and food

No entry for a while, as I spent one break working in the Brisbane office, and the last in New Zealand. Brisbane's OK, but the office is a refrigerated box. The worst day in the field (so far anyway) is better than ten hours without natural light!

New Zealand, on the other hand, was great. Flew into Wellington to see a friend, Katie. After a quick detour to the pub we got home nine hours later. Subsequent efforts proved that yoga and green-lipped mussels are not good hang-over cures. I could only spend three days with Katie - not long enough - but we went to the movies, had some great meals (banana curry anyone), and then there was the Karaoke...

On the Tuesday I sailed south on the ferry, and caught the train to Waipara. It's funny getting off a train in the middle of nowhere - they basically threw me and my bag out! The guest bed at Pemberley was so comfortable I stayed two nights (thanks Janey and Roger), and then on to see my father.

The return to Oz was via Melbourne, so by the time I got to Mackay I was buggered. Straight up to a resort I know, early tea, and a good night's sleep. Twenty channels of satellite TV counts for nowt when you're asleep by 8!


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