Monday, February 12, 2007


Took a quick trip away to Adelaide in early February. The catalyst was a Roger Waters (ex Pink Floyd) concert in Adelaide. He was playing in all the major cities, but I'd wanted to see Adelaide for a while, so that was my excuse for heading south. The city was very nice, not too warm (by Queensland standards anyway). Good restaurants, museum, shops (starting to sound like the brochure). I'd like to go back dometime and do the Great Ocean Rd and a trip up through the Flinders Ranges, a geologist's paradise.

Took two trips away, to Barossa Valley and Kangaroo Island. Adelaide and Barossa photos first:

Something to get the wine buffs excited - a 160-year old vine at Langmeil's vineyard, Barossa Valley.
Something to get the geologists excited - Dickinsonia, an Ediacaran fossil in the South Australian Museum.

Something to get the Triumph people, well, interested anyway. Silver TRs, why didn't the factory think of that?


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