Monday, March 12, 2007

Undara to Chillagoe

While at Undara I talked to a couple who'd been on the road about two years, and had seen most of Australia. They recommended visiting Chillagoe, a small town a day north of Undara, famous for limestone caves. More geology!

I took what looked on the map to be the most direct route, only about 50km of unsealed road between My Garnet and Lappa. This track followed an old railway line, ripped up in the fifties. The road was quite flat, curving gently around hills, through cuttings and along embankments. Great views from a saddle above Mt Garnet, and miles from anyone and anywhere. It was easy driving, but rocks and ruts meant it was definitely for 4WDs only. A river crossing about halfway was the only tricky bit, with water half a metre deep and a sandy bottom.


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