Monday, June 04, 2007


"Eungella" means 'place in the clouds' apparently, which is exactly right. This was the second time I'd been there, and like the first, it was visibility 50m. Eungella lies at the top of the ridge behind Pioneer Valley, inland of Mackay. All the warm tropical air comes in off the sea, hits the range and turns to cloud and rain, several metres of rain a year to be precise! It reminds me a bit of New Zealand's West Coast, with thick rain forest, green soggy dairy farms and bits of old machinery slowly returning to the earth.

I took my tent this time, but opted for a warm, dry cabin when I got there. The cabin turned out to be rather damp-smelling and cool, but hey, much better than the tent! If you go, there's a cafe just south if the township run by a German lady, well worth a visit.


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