Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Two more nights in Eungella. I love this area, the granite ranges funnel clouds coming in from the sea and catch several metres of rain a year. The rainforest is amazing, and the farmland behind is like the West Coast of NZ's South Island. Last time I was here it was raining (naturally), so I ditched the tent for a caravan park cabin, which was still cold and damp. This time I went upmarket and stayed at the Broken River Mountain Resort (http://www.brokenrivermr.com.au/). Much more like it - a warm room, good restaurant, complimentary rides to the start of a couple of local tracks, and it's right next to the river, which is famous for its Platypuses.. Platypi... whatever.

Legend has it they're shy and only come out at dawn or dusk. Not these ones, they were playing in front of crowds at lunchtime!

The fast-moving clouds last night made for some interesting night shots, with the moon behind the trees. The dead tree? It's in a stand in the Eungella Reservoir - they're quite creepy, hundreds of them, grey and leafless, standing in the water like a forest of ghosts.


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